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  • 1881 by Cerruti

    Mediterranean floral with lingering undertone of shady, velvety woods. Fresh, feminine, and timeless.

  • Always Red by Elizabeth Arden

    Enticing deep fruity accents of red plum dry down to a dark, rich oriental base. Sophisticated, confident, luxurious.

  • Ari by Ariana Grande

    A deliciously sweet pear, raspberry, marshmallow gourmand with a feminine floral heart. Lush, girly, and lots of fun.

  • Bamboo by Gucci

    Very attractive and easy to wear soft floral fragrance with an elegant gentle sweetness. Strong yet graceful.

  • Be Delicious by DKNY

    Like biting into a fresh apple. Fun, energetic and carefree - this is one to wear all summer!

  • Beautiful by Estee Lauder

    The definitive floral perfume. A thousand flowers, with fresh citrus and sandalwood. Mature, elegant and of course beautiful.

  • Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

    Intriguing, warm and sexy. Expect strong notes of dark coffee with creamy vanilla, sweet pear and spicy pink pepper.

  • Blossom by Jimmy Choo

    Bright, sparkling raspberry cocktail with a delicate heart of sweet pea and rose. Young, sexy, playful.

  • Bright Crystal by Versace

    A light refreshing floral perfume with an edge of sweet pomegranate. Chic, feminine and very pretty.

  • Classique EDT by Jean Paul Gaultier

    Sensual, bewitching and totally seductive. Jean Paul Gaultier Classique reveals your sensuality, just as lace reveals your skin.

  • Contradiction by Calvin Klein

    Intelligent sweet rosy floral with a refreshing minty green note of eucalyptus. Quirky, beautiful and complex.

  • Daisy by Marc Jacobs

    Imagine a lazy day in a meadow filled with pretty wildflowers. Lightly sweet and youthful with a breezy floral rhythm of strawberry and violet.

  • Decadence by Marc Jacobs

    Sweetly sophisticated with warm amber and saffron, plus a bite of juicy plum. Sultry and super sexy.

  • Deep Red by Hugo Boss

    Fruity-floral aroma with a bite of rich blackcurrant and zesty blood orange. Intense, sensual and vivacious.

  • Delicious Night by DKNY

    A cocktail of frosted pomelo and blackberry melts into a festive base of frankincense and myrrh. Sexy and energetic.

  • Diamonds by Emporio Armani

    A fresh, sparkling, clean fragrance with a delicious zing of raspberry and lychee. Light, modern and feminine.

  • Dot by Marc Jacobs

    Dainty, young and carefree. Expect lush sweet red berries, succulent dragonfruit and a waft of exotic coconut.

  • Eternity by Calvin Klein

    Confident, classic and smart. A fresh white floral with spicy orange and carnation notes, and a warm sandalwood dry down.

  • Euphoria by Calvin Klein

    An intriguing potion with dark seductive florals and sweet exotic pomegranate. Captivating, sexy and addictive.

  • Fame by Lady Gaga

    Shocking, bold and breaks all the rules. Expect a heavy, dark, intense floral fruity scent, with a deadly allure.

  • Femme by Hugo Boss

    A breezy summer fragrance with an intriguing bite of blackcurrant. Casual, sparkling and joyfully feminine.

  • Flowerbomb EDT by Viktor Rolf

    Fresh yet opulent, Flowerbomb explodes into a bouquet of addictive floral notes including rose and jasmine.

  • Friction Her by FCUK

    Think of sipping a pina colada on the beach! A fun, light, creamy coconut, tropical, vanilla scent for the summer.

  • Ghost EDT by Ghost

    Enchanting, soft and mysterious. Ethereal rose and vanilla flavours leave a trace of exotic Turkish Delight.

  • Guilty by Gucci

    Prominent notes of lilac, peach and pink pepper blend into an elegant soft floral with a hint of seductive spice.

  • Honey by Marc Jacobs

    Delicious fresh fruit and lush honeysuckle dancing on a smooth vanilla base. Joyful, sunny and fun.

  • J'Adore EDP by Dior

    A very well blended fruity white floral with an enticing hint of pear and melon. Complex, modern and delicate.

  • Heat by Beyonce

    Deliciously sweet floral with mouthwatering peach and a seductive creamy smooth drydown. Intoxicating, sexy and empowering.

  • I Love Love by Moschino New

    Bursts with sparkly fresh grapefruit, orange and lemon, leading to a beautiful summer dry down . Bright, optimistic, and unpretentious.

  • Illicit by Jimmy Choo

    Delectably sweet, warm, honeyed amber spiced with ginger, bitter orange & jasmine. Soft, warm, alluring.

  • Jimmy Choo EDP by Jimmy Choo

    Dark, sweet and slightly spicy. A confident balance of smoky patchouli and toffee with a little sweet pear in the background.

  • Lady Million by Paco Rabanne

    This perfectly sexy raspberry scent smells like fame and fortune. Elegant, playful and luxurious.

  • Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana

    Casual and breezy fruity-floral scent that evokes the spirit of the Sicilian summer with fresh notes of lemon and cedar

  • Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

    Soft citrus accords and a gentle touch of lavender, develop into an elegant floral bouquet. Light, gentle and feminine.

  • Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears

    Rich plum, dark cherry and sweet vanilla combine in a sexy dance of forbidden intrigue. Passionate and seductive.

  • Nero Assoluto by Roberto Cavalli

    Vibrant sweet orchid, rich dark vanilla and a mysterious echo of noble ebony. Artful, bold and elegant.

  • Obsession by Calvin Klein

    Rich, hot and seductive. This powerful classic packs a strong aromatic punch of vanilla, spice and incense.

  • Olympea by Paco Rabanne

    Fresh oriental blossoming with sparkling green mandarin, jasmine and fiery ginger. Soft, elegant and fresh.

  • One by Calvin Klein New

    Pineapple and gin-like notes followed by an aromatic citrus and dry sheet musk. Simple, light and fresh.

  • Orange by Hugo Boss New

    Fresh red apple and orange blossom perfectly balanced with soft vanilla and white flowers. Casual yet elegantly refined.

  • Reb'l Fleur by Rihanna

    An intense and daring fruity chypre, with a splash of coconut water. Captures the tropical essence of RiRi's native Barbados.

  • Rive Gauche EDT by Yves Saint Laurent

    A fresh, bold and very sophisticated floral aldehyde. This flirty french classic is full of "je ne sais quoi!"

  • Rock Princess by Vera Wang

    Young, casual flowery scent with rebellious notes of lush, bittersweet red raspberry and vintage-inspired rose.

  • Roberto Cavalli by Roberto Cavalli

    Zesty orange blossom followed by a sweet floral bouquet with smooth vanilla and tonka bean. Bright, vibrant and fun.

  • Safari by Ralph Lauren

    Let a regal bouquet of wildflowers and dry grasses transport you to the African savannah. Bright, fresh and adventurous.

  • Youth Dew by Estee Lauder

    Absolutely captivating with opulent flowers, rich spices and precious woods. Bold, inviting and warm.

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